Dress Code

Dress Code

 It is expected that our students and staff will dress in a manner that is suitable for productive learning within a public school setting.  The following are provided to ensure responsible decision-making for attire at our school.

 Staff and students will dress in a manner that:

  • Is free of inappropriate language, pictures, symbols and innuendos.
  • Is free of distractions, is not suggestive or revealing.  Underwear should not be visible.  Shorts must be no shorter than the thumb when arms are held straight at the sides.  Tops must be long enough to cover the stomach and back when arms are raised.  Straps must be wide enough to ensure bra straps are covered.
  • Is safe.  Chains, accessories and very loose clothing can create a safety hazard in some settings.  Footwear must be appropriate for scheduled activities.  Flip-flops are not permitted.  Running shoes that are laced or have velcro closings are mandatory for physical education class.
  • Respects the comfort level of the other children and the adults responsible for the education and well-being of our students.

Students who fail to meet the Dress Code requirements will be advised to change their attire, as promptly as reasonably possible.  In some cases, students may be asked to call home to have appropriate clothing brought to the school.